• 1. Why So Lonely
    2. Beautiful Boy
    3. Sweet & Easy

Why So Lonely


Wonder Girls to make a comeback on July 5th with their single album ‘Why so Lonely’!
Through its first self-produced, not by JYP, title song ‘Why So Lonely’ for 10 years after their debut, Wonder Girls have established a solid foothold as a musician.

- Wonder Girls to make a comeback on July 5th with their single ‘Why So Lonely’ containing their first self-produced title song.
- The title song ‘Why So Lonely’ that shows Wonder Girls’ musical talent delivers “Wonder Girls” type of music
- Wonder Girls, the inexpressible, make a comeback with self-produced title song ‘Why So Lonely’! Self-produced title song, not by JYP.

Wonder Girls make a comeback on July 5th with their new single ‘Why So Lonely’.

Wonder Girls new single ‘Why So Lonely’ consists of three songs: ‘Why So Lonely’, ‘Beautiful Boy, and ‘Sweet & Easy’.

Through last year’s full album ‘REBOOT’, Wonder Girls, showing their potential as songwriters and sophisticated style, have successfully transformed themselves into a band of four, and now show the public their more developed performance and music.

The title ‘Why So Lonely’ is Wonder Girls’ first self-produced title song, and is a valuable output that Wonder Girls, which had only released title songs produced by JYP for 9 years after their debut, have solely brought out as genuine artists, without JYP.

‘Why So Lonely’ is a song of reggae pop, a genre that Wonder Girls have first tried, and is highlighted by its addictive guitar riffs and switch of mood through its diverse change in rhythm.

It has expressed a cynical atmosphere between lovers into adorable, witty lyrics such as ‘I’m blinded by love and so should you’ and ‘Only you are cool but only my heart hurts.’

Another song in this single, ‘Beautiful Boy’, is produced through cooperation, throughout which was affected by 70’s band sounds, between the composer ‘Frants’ and Wonder Girls.

The song contains hope, in the era of digitalization, of which the relationships has become more cynical, that people will love and care about others more

Another song in the album, ‘Sweet & Easy’ is a song of pop-rock, a genre that is well-suited with summer, that features sweet, easy melody and lyrics as its name suggests and rhythmical guitar sound.

Having successfully transformed into a band from a girl idol group, Wonder Girls, through their digital single, are deemed to demonstrate their more developed musical spectrum and raise the sense of their presence.

Even 10 years after their debut, the top level musician, Wonder Girls, keep on developing, and their powerful progress draws attention from the public.

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